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10 Tips and Tricks How to Get Rid of Razor Burn

Soft and clean skin is pleasant to touch and good to look at. But what to do, if irritation after shaving appears on skin? There are a few tips and tricks, which will help to get rid of razor burn.

Try to avoid shaving of the irritated area for a few days. This time is needed for healing a razor burn. Examine it before shaving and if it is still red and irritated, don’t make it worse by shaving.

Use corticosteroid cream. It is a well-known and effective solution, which helps to reduce redness and heal the irritation. But be careful with it! Don’t use it for a long time, a few days will be enough. This cream may influence your skin if used for a long period of time.

Apply special lotions. There are a lot of different lotions for sensitive skin, which will help to overcome razor burn. You may choose the most effective and convenient for you. Apply it as mentioned in the instruction.

Never scratch razor burn! It may be really itchy, but be patient. You may increase the irritation and make it even worse.

Don’t touch the irritation and keep it clean. This will help to avoid infections and will make the process of healing easier and faster. Make sure that the irritated area is clean. Sweat is a good environment for bacteria, which may increase the irritation.

Use soft towels. Don’t rub the irritated area. Dry your skin with gentle moves. This will help to avoid additional redness and discomfort.

Find the reason of razor burn. Is it just shaving? Or maybe it is an allergic reaction to shaving cream or after shaving lotion? Check you razor if it is sharp enough. If you know the reason of irritation, you may get rid of it faster.

Use soothing masks. There are a lot of different masks, which will help to reduce redness and make a razor burn look better. You may use ready-made masks or prepare them by yourself. One very simple and effective mask is made from cucumber and milk. Take half of pureed cucumber and mix it with ¼ cup of milk. Then put it into the refrigerator to cool. After that apply the mask to your skin for 10 to 20 minutes. Then rinse it off carefully. Such homemade masks are cheap and effective.

Aloe Vera is known for its soothing effect. Tea tree oil may be also helpful.

See a dermatologist. A doctor will help to choose the best solution for your type of skin. If your razor burn is not healed in a week or two, you must consult a doctor as there might be some infection or other skin problems.

After you get rid of razor burn, do your best to avoid it in future. If your skin is too sensitive, try to shave more rarely. Also you may try an electric shaver or vice versa. Try different techniques of shaving and find the most suitable for you.

Shaving cream and after-shave lotion are very important for beautiful and healthy skin. They should be chosen according to the skin type. Besides, if you’ve got an allergic reaction, change the cream or lotion immediately.

Today there are a lot of different after-shave lotions and cleansers. Surely, you will find the best one for yourself! And use it every time you shave. This will help to avoid irritations and will keep your skin moisturized.

You may make shaving less irritating by preparing your skin for the procedure. Just rinse the area you are going to shave with warm water or place a warm rag on it. And never use dull or dirty razors. A sharp and clean razor will make shaving pleasant and safe. Besides, a razor blade may cause an allergic reaction. Try different brands and choose the best one for your skin.

How to get rid of razor burn? Now you know how to make it fast. And never forget about prevention of irritation!