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Basic Tips for Healthy Skin Care

Once you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of commercials claiming their lotions make your skin feel and look better, you are definitely not alone. According to the results of the survey, 6 out of 10 customers are unsure about the safety and effectiveness of skin care products they choose. The perfect news here is […]

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Mild Acne Solutions

Mild acne is a disturbing condition that annoys both teens and adults. The condition is rather common, though its mild form does not mean it cannot develop and aggravate. The positive news here is that mild acne is the condition, which frequently responds well to treatments. The modern pharmaceutical market is full of prescription and […]

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What Is the Role of Estrogen in Your Body?

Hormones are chemical messengers in your system that help to control and coordinate the way your organs and cells function. Hormones are produced by special glands in your body that release the hormones once your brain sends a corresponding signal. Special receptors binding to specific hormones receive these chemical messages. Different hormones are related to […]

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Do Those BB Creams Actually Provide Benefits for Aging Skin?

BB creams came to European and North American cosmetics industry markets just a few years ago, but since then their popularity has been growing rapidly, due to their successful combination of skincare and make-up benefits. Generally speaking, a standard BB cream should satisfy your basic skin-beauty-related needs, such as priming, moisturizing, protecting and perfecting skin, […]

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Fresh, Frozen, Canned… What’s Better?

Fruits and vegetables have an endless amount of benefits for health and overall well-being: they saturate the body with important vitamins and minerals, help to maintain water balance in the system, promote weight loss, help to reduce blood pressure, etc. etc. No wonder why doctors, dietitians, fitness trainers and health bloggers all recommend keeping your […]

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