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Back Pain in Pregnancy – Is it Normal or Not?

Even though you will be told by many that it is normal to have back pain in pregnancy but there’s so much that your physiotherapist and you can do for controlling the pain.

The curve present in the lower back faces more strain when you are pregnant and must be supported by you. It is advisable to utilize lumbar roll at your back’s base when you sit and put some pillows under the knees as you lie on your back. It helps in reducing pressure on lower back where most of the pain exists. When you lie on your side, try a couple of small pillows in between your knees. If it doesn’t provide you complete relief from your back pain in pregnancy then you should ask the physiotherapist to think about taping the lower back for unloading the spine’s painful segment.

Postural techniques can be helpful with the sacro-iliac pain. The pelvis pain needs some attention as well. When any bone in pelvis leaves its place, it results in severe pain as you move, particularly while climbing stairs and walking. Such a pregnancy injury can be simply and effectively corrected if it is diagnosed correctly and a proper back pain treatment is applied. Because of the ligamentous laxity that normally happens during pregnancy, bones can easily leave their place.

However, they can be moved back easily if you use an appropriate correction method. As soon as the bone is sent back to its original position, you will have to support the lax area using ‘pregnancy stability belt’ for your remaining pregnancy period. It doesn’t weaken your back but will support it making sure that the bone doesn’t leave its place again. It’s significant to correct the position of this bone because otherwise it can result in extra back pain in pregnancy.

Will The Back Pain Return After You Have Given Birth To Your Baby?

In most of the cases the back pain in pregnancy is vanished once the pregnancy period is over and the mother has given birth. But if your back pain does not disappear even after a week of your pregnancy period then you need to find some advice. It’s possible that the bone from pelvis that leaved its place couldn’t be sent back to its actual place. So you might have to help it; don’t wait longer because your job will keep getting harder as much as you delay it.

In other case, if the back pain in pregnancy was just because of positional pressures at the spine from ligamentous laxity and poor posture, it will take around 6 months to completely disappear all symptoms.

It should, however, be noted that if your back pain in pregnancy isn’t healed with time then you’d be in need of ‘core stability exercises’ and ‘post natal pelvic floor’, as your back pain treatment, right from the start for rebuilding solid ‘structural support system’. Mothers are often heard saying that they wish to have done more of pelvis exercises because the next pregnancy proved harder for them due to the same.