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Do Those BB Creams Actually Provide Benefits for Aging Skin?

BB creams came to European and North American cosmetics industry markets just a few years ago, but since then their popularity has been growing rapidly, due to their successful combination of skincare and make-up benefits. Generally speaking, a standard BB cream should satisfy your basic skin-beauty-related needs, such as priming, moisturizing, protecting and perfecting skin, which prevents the need for multiple separate products.

BB creams are also supposed to provide additional benefits that may range from anti-aging care to acne treatment. But can these beauty products actually help to rejuvenate mature skin?

How Did BB Creams Become So Popular?

The very first Blemish Balm, today more commonly known as BB cream, was created by a German dermatologist Christine Schrammek in 1967. Schrammek designed it as an anti-inflammatory skincare product that helps to heal and conceal red skin caused by irritating peel treatments. The “original” BB cream in its modern variations is still available on the market under the brand name Dr. Med. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik.

In the mid-1980s, BB creams made their way to Asia and become quite popular among Asian women. Probably, one of the reasons for their great popularity in these countries was that many formulations of the creams included a skin-lightening component. BB creams were commonly used by women in such countries like Korea and Japan, which made them the next big trend in the beauty industry.

In the European and North American countries, BB creams have been growing popular within the last decade. All major cosmetics companies continue creating new BB cream formulation making the product more and more beneficial for your face skin. Today, you can even find BB creams designed specifically for the treatment of aging skin.

What Is a BB Cream Made of?

Most BB creams contain basic combination of sunscreen, moisturizer and pigment.

Due to the fact that today’s market offers BB creams of various textures, finishes (like matte or dewy), coverage levels (from light to heavy), colors and SPF levels, these products can really help to solve several problems at once. They also create a smooth base for better foundation application.

However, its moisturizing properties may not be sufficient for dry and very dry skin types. Also, if your skin is exposed to the sunlight for a long time, you may want to apply a high SPF sunscreen under the layer of your BB cream.

Do BB Creams Actually Work for Aging Skin?

BB creams work no worse than any good foundation, when it comes to smoothing aging skin and evening out tone, due to moisturizers and pigment contained in the cream. It’s quite difficult to compare different BB creams, because you only can know the ingredients they have but not the exact formulations.

BB creams do improve the overall look of your skin. But what they are probably never going to help you with is wrinkles. BB creams do not contain tretinoin – a vitamin A derivative proven to reverse photoaging, – as it is available only through a prescription. An alternative ingredient retinol, which is often included in over-the-counter skin products, does convert into tretinoin after contact with skin, though at a much lower concentration.

On the other hand, BB creams contain often ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids, salicylic and glycolic acids that tend to increase cell turnover. This helps to improve the texture and the color of the skin. Again, most BB creams contain sunscreen, which helps to prevent aging of the skin, if applied sufficiently.

Probably the greatest strength BB creams is that they allow you to use one product in the morning, not a bunch of separate ones.

It has been proven that BB creams are beneficial for your skin. And although they do not remove your wrinkles, specialists recommend incorporating them into your anti-aging skincare regimen.