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Fast, Easy and Simple Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety is increasing due to the increased responsibilities, hectic life-schedule and lack nerve calming habits. Many people suffer from anxiety and stress due to some reasons which are easy to avoid. Lack of planning and right knowledge of the matters occupying your mind and causing stress can easily be replaced with good planning and ample knowledge of whatever worries you. This is the first step of the natural remedies for anxiety.

What makes your anxiety and stress worse that you keep up with it and do not give yourself a time to look back at what you are worried about? There is a big possibility that your own good judgment helps you reduce the stress you are bearing. You may analyze yourself that what you are worried about so excessively does not deserve to be that badly focused by you. Natural remedies for stress and anxiety are of different type. Some fall in the category of exercises and others in food. You can try one at a time to see which works better for you or if you can manage both and make a combination of those that are easily manageable for you, try that also. Following are some very effective natural remedies for anxiety:


Lavender is widely used to treat stress and anxiety which reaches to the level of depriving you from your sleep. You can use it in a number of different ways to address your stress and anxiety. Take a tea spoonful of lavender oil and mix it in your bathing water. Take a bath with it. It is soothing to your nerves and helps you feel calm and sleep comfortably. Little massage of your forehead with lavender oil brings instant relief to excessive nervousness and tension. Lavender is one of the most effective natural remedies for anxiety.

Herbal Teas

People who know how to deal with stress, they mostly depend on different sorts of herbal teas. There is chamomile, basil marjoram and elderberry flowers tea which relaxes the user fast and even helps him manage a calm sleep which a stressed or anxious person often get deprived of. Depression and melancholy often hits the people who have a history of stress and anxiety. Rosemary tea relieves them.

Lettuce and Apples

Eating light meal especially at night is a key treatment in all the natural remedies for anxiety. Do not eat heavy food or even a light dinner before sleeping. Whatever you eat as your dinner keep it at a space of not less than three hours from your sleeping time. Add lettuce in your dinner and if you make apple salad, your food increases in its palatability and help you overcome your anxiety.

Stress causes lack of sleep, scattered focus, headache, indigestion etc. To effectively start getting rid of stress and treat its symptoms, do yoga or aerobics in the fresh air were you can inhale oxygen as much as possible. Exercise especially yoga is considered among the top best stress remedies.

The natural remedies for anxiety are just a mean to relief the symptoms and bring comfort to you but that does not replace acquiring professional medical consultation. You visit your doctor for a full and permanent cure.