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Homemade Skin Care Remedies for Anti-Aging

If you don’t have too much time and cash and cannot take the option of spa, you’ll still be able to give special attention to your skin making it look rejuvenated and healthy. Here are some homemade skin care remedies for anti-aging that cover all bases. Any of these remedies can be applied by you for reduce the aging effects and you just have to use some natural ingredients for taking care of your skin’s overall health.

Homemade Skin Care for Hydration

Honey is the only ingredient that you can use for hydrating your skin. Once you have cleansed the skin, use a teaspoon full of honey over the face. Allow it to remain there for 10 minutes and after that use warm water for rinsing it off. Honey won’t just draw out impurities from your skin but it also acts as the natural moisturizer and can be an ideal choice for anti-aging remedy for your skin.

Extra-virgin olive oil can be considered as another great hydrating ingredient when it comes down to homemade skin care for anti-aging. In case if your skin is really dry, rub a couple of drops on the fingertips, rubbing it gently into the skin before you go to bed.

Homemade Skin Care for Glowing Skin

There are a couple of ways for you to have glowing skin: externally and internally. Vitamin C can be considered as the best ingredient to make your skin glow. Use diets that contain more of Vitamin C. This can easily be done by adding a lemon or grapefruit slice to into a water bottle when you are out. Citrus fruits are also wonderful for homemade anti-aging remedies. They help in cleansing you from inside out as they remove impurities and toxins which may show up at your face.

Use orange juice if you are looking to add some Vitamin C to your diet. You can even use cotton pad soaked with pure orange juice –avoid any processed stuff—wiping it across the neck and face. Just rinse it and then pat dry. You will have a gradual brightening effect, it really works!

Homemade Skin Care for Refining Skin Texture

You need two walnuts for this skin care remedy for anti-aging. Crush insides of these nuts and mix two tablespoons yogurt and a teaspoon of purest almond oil. It allows you to make natural exfoliant which can be used on daily basis. Each of the ingredients used here play their role in refining the texture of your skin. The dead skin, oil and dirt are buffed away from walnuts; yogurt’s lactic acid refines texture as well as tightens the pores. Almond oil has the capability of soothing and moisturizing your skin, making it smooth and soft.

Homemade Skin Care for Bags beneath the Eyes

Tea is one famous ingredient used for homemade skin care remedies for anti-aging. Use medium heat for brewing up white tea, just a cup, as setting high temperatures won’t allow the tea leaves to steep to their utmost benefit. Let the tea to be warmed up and then place a facecloth soaked in water over the eyes. Pores will be opened up by the heat and tea will be infused into the skin. White tea contains antioxidants and can be good for neutralizing free radicals. The anti-aging properties of this tea will result in deflating the bags beneath your eyes and will treat rest of the face as well.