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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Unpleasant issue

You have to agree that the blue circles do not add to the woman’s appearance more sexuality and attractiveness. For this reason we have to liquidate this problem but how? To begin with , there are lots of recipes that help to move away this unpleasant thing but not all of them work. Are there any remedies which will answer the question how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes? Yes, of course but first we should talk about the reasons of its appearance.

Primary causes

Lets start with the fact that your skin is very delicate and thin. With the aging process, it becomes thinner and makes the blood vessels to become visible. Damage by sun will make things worse as it weakens your skin.

The problem can be caused by the allergic substances. They can be in the air, among them is dust, pet allergens and pollen. People usually rub their eyes because of these reasons. Also, people with hay fever might notice the circles in the heat of the season. Sensitivity or food allergies will also make a donation to the emergence of this issue.

Dark circles can be inherited. They are more visible in people with deep-set eyes.

Blood vessels may become more wide, this fact also makes a donation to the emergence of this question. Smoking and usage of salt can also cause it. The state that causes liquid delay (liver, heart, thyroid, kidney disease) or treatment that causes the blood vessel dilation may also play a great role.

Lack of sleep makes the skin look pale, the vessels become more visible through the skin.

Iron deficiency in the body provokes a bluish tinge below the eyes.

Dark bags can be a signal of dewatering.


There are some means that can answer the question how to get rid of dark circles and eliminate their increase.

1. You should drink plenty of water.

2. Use a protective cream.

3. Have more rest.

4. Put chilled Teabag on your eyes. But do not use herbal tea for this procedure, as it is not so effective.

5. Put cool cucumber plates on your eyes for 10-20 minutes.

6. Do not use too much salt. For a start, find out the origin of sodium in your nutrition.

7. Apply a cream containing vitamin K.

8. Vitamin C will help to strengthen the blood vessel walls.

9. Dietetic supplements of the extract from grape seed, that contains antioxidant pigments, will strengthen the vessels. Some food, such as black currant, blueberries, bilberries, cranberries, tea (black or green), legumes, onions and parsley contain antioxidant of these pigments.

10. Eat food balanced for the kidneys. Some studies show that dark bags appear due to the instability in the kidney energy.

Women invent lots of means to look beautiful not only in the eyes of others but above all in their own. We constantly invent and find the means how to escape the stretch marks on the buttocks, to remove irregularities and excessive pigmentation of the skin, to pull up the stomach and reduce the hips. We are concerned about our own health and we want to look better. Our commitment will be rewarded. Preserving the traditions of the past and using the latest achievements in the field of cosmetics, in recent years women succeeded in the matters of the youth extension of the body.

Do not be lazy, do exercises and masks and then you will forget not only about the dark bags but also you’ll never think about them again. Your eyes are a mirror of your soul, let them be bright and beautiful. Good luck!