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How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

Pregnancy and giving birth to a child are considered to be ever memorable moments in the life of a woman. However, once they have given the birth, most women become too busy with their child and overlook the changes that take place in their looks and body size. Many begin crash dieting as soon as it is realized by them that even after giving birth to a baby they have not lost any considerable weight. If you want to know how to lose weight after pregnancy then bear in mind that it’s not advisable at all. Sticking to healthy weight loss is the way to go. All it needs is your willpower and determination.

So, how to lose weight after pregnancy? Consider below mentioned tips as they will surely help!

Breastfeeding for Postpartum Weight Loss There has been a lot of debate on the relationship between postpartum weight loss and breastfeeding. However, it is said that breastfeeding can be a source of losing weight after pregnancy. Various studies have proven that new mothers can burn calories through breastfeeding and can lose weight as a result. It has been revealed by studies that breastfeeding your child for 6 months or even more can be the answer to your question “how to lose weight after pregnancy”.

However, breastfeeding can’t help your weight loss goals alone. Your calorie intake should be reduced and you should exercise regularly as well. Breastfeeding can also help uterus to shrink after childbirth.

Exercise For Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Don’t just wonder how to lose weight after pregnancy, start exercising. Exercise can’t be started right after giving birth, however. So, weight until you regain some health. Start by simple exercises which can gradually be turned into the most strenuous ones. It’s believed that after normal delivery a woman can start doing simple exercises inside 2-3 weeks. However, in case of C-section it is must to wait for three months at least. In either case, one must not start exercising without taking the advice of their doctor. You can start with gentle yoga, kegel exercises, leg slides, pelvic tilts and walking after taking the permission of your doctor.

Post Pregnancy Dietary Changes

Controlling your diet is often the answer to your question how to lose weight after pregnancy. But it is never advised to begin crash dieting. Taking nutritious food after childbirth is necessary for quick recovery. Nursing mothers can end up adversely affecting their milk supply by controlling their diet at this time. It can also release toxins into bloodstream. Therefore, one should weight for 2-3 months at least and then start controlling their calorie intake for weight loss after pregnancy. Seeking doctor’s advice is also necessary before taking any such step.

It is advisable to add whole grains, fruits, fish, lean meat, yogurt, vegetables and milk in the diet after your pregnancy. It is good to go with a diet that is rich in fibers as this will hinder your cravings for any fatty stuff. Avoid foods that contain high sugar levels as well as any junk food. Drink 8-10 glasses of water (fluids) every day, at least.

Just start with these tips and you will never complain how to lose weight after pregnancy!