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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fleas

If you are looking for natural ways to get rid of fleas, you are viewing the right article. The wingless pests called fleas are very difficult to be eliminated and yet very productive in both activities and reproduction. Each female flea can lay 27 45 flea eggs every day, with a total of 2,000 eggs in 10 months length of their life span. Destroying flea infestation in home is not easy, yet you do not want to have your kids and pets poisoned by the extreme chemical use from pesticides and other harmful products.

Fleas jump from one host to another actively while they may carry some diseases as well as infections in both viral and bacterial. Flea worm causes allergic reactions with excessive scratching and also anemia. As soon as you recognize some fleas problem signs in your pet, you have to do the flea elimination right then before the fleas spread to other creatures and invading your entire house. I am going to introduce you some natural ways to get rid of fleas.

The first method is using vinegar-dish soap with heating pad, which is quite great for kitten and other small pets. You do this method in 3 steps of bathing, tweezing, and flea hunting with heating pad. Use lukewarm water to fill a tub half way and then add in some vinegar of any type. Place your cats body in it and avoid their head. After that, take the cat out and rub some dish soap on the body gently. This way, the fleas will run to their head and you could kill them with a baby shampoo. Do it carefully and avoid getting the shampoo into their eyes. The vinegar solution shall be used again after that for rinsing the fur. Follow the above step with using tweezers for tweezing all the fleas off the cats body. After that, place the cat again in the vinegar solution and use lukewarm water to rinse off. Dry the cat with towel and continue to the final step. Fleas hunting with heating pad shall be done with this way. Prepare a heating pad to put a blanket on and set it on low temperature without being too hot. Do the flea hunting after you place your cat on it and have the cat towel dried when it is done.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fleas With Lamp Flea Trap

Next method is one that uses dishwashing soap and lamp flea trap. Use a white bowl to fill in a mixture of some water and a few drops of dishwashing soap. Switch on a lamp and place the bowl under it. The white bowl has light color and would absorb more light to attract fleas. The soap will drown the fleas and get them sink to the bottom of the white bowl.

Another method is by having your pets bathe with shampoo mixed with essential oils (2 drops). Letting the lather sits for a few minutes on your pets skin would surely kill the fleas. Rinse it off then. These natural ways to get rid of fleas should be enough for keeping your pets flea free. No related posts.